Tomorrow is Friday and what a week its been! The pupils share their reflections on their Monday trip to the Shieling Project –

  • Deklan – “I enjoyed making the shielings our of different materials”.
  • Shannon – “our trip was epic!”
  • Gemma – “It was the best school trip I’ve been on in a long time”.
  • Alex – “The whole day was so much fun”.
  • Poppy M – “It was great to learn about things in the woodland but it would have been better without the rain!”
  • Kurtis – “I liked having our picnic in the hut hearing the rain outside – I’d like to go back, spy on the animals and build more things”.
  • Mrs. Russell – “It was a good day, 10 out of 10”.
  • Mr. Brown – “The woodland walk was very interesting; we stopped at a rocky outcrop and learned that the pink stripe amongst the grey rock was once magma trying to force its way through to the surface many millions of years ago”.