Are you free week commencing 5th December (Monday)?

It is Enterprise Week and it would be great if you could come in and talk to the class about your job; if you have a skill you could share and/or deliver a small workshop/talk to give the children an idea about the skills they need in the workplace. Perhaps you have a designated learning and development representative in your business that could come to the school and do a complementary talk/presentation to the children.

Examples could include

  • A career talk on a profession.
  • How you use literacy and numeracy on a daily basis in your work.
  • Subject talks on a different country/culture/language to demonstrate a multicultural workforce or how important languages/diversity etc. is in the workplace.
  • Arts & Crafts, technology and practical skills.
  • Entrepreneurial skills.
  • Organisation and management.
  • Bringing your workplace to life in the classroom with some group/whole class/individual activities. e.g listening and talking, videos, problem solving, team building, leadership etc.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Regards, Mr Brown.