This Tuesday was ‘Safer Internet Day’. See below pictures for our #SaferInternetDaySelfies.

To celebrate the children learned about the phenomenon of ‘selfies’, when people take pictures of themselves in different poses, usually with a smartphone device.

The class discussed some Golden Rules around selfie-taking

  1. Think twice before uploading a picture on to social media (many of which the children are too young to have anyway).
  2. Don’t upload a selfie of anyone else without their permission.
  3. Sometimes using filters can be fun but remember – you don’t always need to use a filter to make yourself look better.  This gives out a false image and not everyone in real life looks as ‘beautiful’ as they do in selfies……except Mr Brown of course (‘teehee’ :p).
  4. Don’t compare your selfie to other’s online – remember they might have used filters (see point 3)!
  5. If you see somebody posting a selfie online don’t write anything hurtful in the comments section.  If you’ve got nothing nice to say just don’t say it at all; its difficult to understand how comments are meant to come across when they are written.
  6. Don’t send pictures of yourself to people that you do not know online!

In groups, the class discussed the benefits of the internet, the dangers, what you can do to protect yourself online, and what you can do if you come across anything that you don’t like. 


Our ‘no filter’ class selfie. 


Another ‘no filter’ class selfie