Today we started creating our Titanic shoebox cabins (a big thank you to all the families/children that handed in shoeboxes, we now have more than enough!)

The children have been tasked with designing the interiors of their shoeboxes depending on whether they have First/Second/Third classes or upper/lower deck crew cabins.

Some ideas that we discussed today

  • Tin foil to make mirrors and shiny fixtures and fittings.
  • Upholstery samples and paint to replicate carpets, wallpaper, painted walls and rugs.
  • Lollipop sticks and craft wood that can be glued together to make bed frames and chairs.
  • Cotton wool and sponges that could make pillows/cushions.

All these things the school can provide although I have one final favour to ask of the children……

If they have any unused dolls house furniture then it would be great to borrow these items to use in our boxes.  For crew and passengers we could use small dolls and/or Lego figurines.

As a ‘reflective’ task you could have a little discussion with your child about other things that you could use/include/make in/for our shoeboxes.