This week in our Maths lessons the children have been learning about Money & Finance.

Success Criteria for our Money topic:

  • I can talk about the goods or services which people spend money on. 
  • I can give examples of these items and services. 
  • I can prioritise wants and needs
  • I can talk about places where I might spend money
  • I can give examples of how to be safe with money
  • I can share different ways of spending money e.g debit card/credit card/gift voucher/points card/cheque/cash.
  • I can count out exact amounts of money. 
  • I can calculate how much change I will receive from an amount of money given. 

Evidence shows that reflection at the end of a day’s learning can boost a child’s academic performance and engagement in school.

The ‘What did you do at school today?’ question has a lot more importance to it than many people think….