What a fantastic two weeks it has been swimming.  The class are really looking forward to progressing with their block of lessons! The first lesson was an assessment of who could do what and how, and children were placed into appropriate groupings. After this children took part in activities designed to help with star floats and back strokes, holding breath under water and under-water handstands.

Some feedback from the children:

  • “It was great, very interesting” (Keira)
  • “The teachers at the pool were really good and really encouraging” (Alice)
  • “It was good to be taught to swim by instructors who can do it properly” (Cameron)
  • “it was coooool” (Poppy Mac)
  • “I learned how to swim without a float” (Josh)
  • “I learned how to push off the wall to swim faster” (Emeli)

swim 1swim 2