This afternoon P5 learned some phrases when talking about countries and capitals.  We used our knowledge of colours to talk about the flags of different countries and created some sentences. Why not have a practice tonight?

  • Un pays – country
  • Une capitale -capital 
  • Un drapeau – flag
  • Voici … – Here’s….
  • La capitale s’appelle .. The capital is called….
  • Le drapeau est … The flag is…


-Le Royaume-Uni – UK

-L’Écosse – Scotland

-L’Angleterre – England

-Le Pays de Galles – Wales

-L’Irlande du Nord – Northern Ireland

-L’Allemagne – Germany

-L’Espagne – Spain

-La France – France

-L’Italie – Itlay

-Les Pays-Bas – Netherlands