Planning for Choices and Changes

Your child or young person should experience opportunities which raise their awareness of future choices and their own expectations and aspirations

They will develop skills for personal planning and making decisions in the context of curriculum, learning and achievement. Your child or young person will develop the skills and attributes they will need to be able to achieve and sustain positive destinations beyond school.

As the demands and employment patterns are changing, it is particularly important for all young people to develop high levels of skill and understanding of the world of work, training and lifelong learning so that they can embrace opportunities.

Second level (approximately P5 to P7)

  • Encourage and support your child to attend clubs and groups which offer challenges on a regular basis. For example learning to build a shelter, attending training sessions for a sport or instrument lessons for music.
  • Talk to your child about your work and the training you have had. See if your child can work out what skills they think are needed to do this work well.
  • Compare what you do with other jobs/careers and help your child to find out what skills and training is needed for those.
  • Consider the lifestyle of elite sports people and discuss with your child the sort of choices they have to make to achieve sporting success. What sort of skills do they need to be good at what they do?