Practices and Traditions

  • Talk with your child about family celebrations – what does your family do and why do they do it. Encourage your child to get involved and play an active part in these.
  • Talk with your child about different times of year and ways in which your family/community marks these. What do you do and why? Encourage your child to be actively involved and to ask questions about these practices and traditions.
  • At important family events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays talk with your child about the things your family does at these. Talk about how your practices might be similar to/different from those of others. Encourage your child to learn about the practices and traditions of others – for example by attending different celebrations and customs of their friends and perhaps community members.
  • Talk with your child about the celebrations which others you know engage in. Help your child to understand these celebrations and to act appropriately if they are involved in these in any way.
  • Help your child to become more aware of the practices, traditions, festivals, celebrations and customs followed by others. When watching TV or using online materials, support your child to develop their understanding.
  • On walks in your local area , talk about the buildings, places and objects you might pass regularly. Talk with your child about what these buildings/places/objects signify and what practices are linked to them. For example you may pass religious buildings and discuss what you think (or know) happens in them. There may be war memorials close by for example, and you could discuss remembrance practices. Perhaps you could include visits with your child to religious and cultural sites and discuss what happens there. Many sites, places and buildings are open to the public.
  • When in less familiar places, for example on holiday, talk with your child about the buildings, objects and places there and perhaps visit them if this is possible. In what ways are these the same as those at home or different? What similar and different practices might take place there? Support your child in acting appropriately in these places.
  • Encourage your child to share in family practices and traditions and to develop their understanding of these while also being sensitive to the practices and traditions of others.

(Taken from Parentzone, Education Scotland)