Why is numeracy and mathematics important? —  In every lesson I try to relate the learning to real life contexts which can help to alleviate some heavy questioning from children – Why do we have to do this? Whats the point in doing this?

Well, here we go, this is why – 

Angle, symmetry and transformation
Why is it important?

Being able to follow and give directions is a necessary life skill that allows local areas and destinations to be efficiently navigated.

It also develops basic map reading skills.
A knowledge of angles is required for the understanding of position and geometrical properties of shapes.
Investigating symmetrical patterns and designs enhances an understanding and appreciation of the natural world and art.

It is also fundamental to developing skills associated with geometrical reasoning.
How is this used in real life contexts?
Bearings are essential for the daily safety of millions when travelling on planes or ships at sea.
Scale is essential when interpreting contexts such as maps, plans and modelling.
Locating seats on planes or trains, participating in games such as battleships or locating buildings in cities.
Symmetry is all around us e.g. in nature such as flowers, leaves, butterflies, stag’s antlers etc.