P5 have written some great persuasive essays on whether fidget spinners should be banned or not in the classroom.

We learned to use persuasive phrases and to take into consideration different arguments for and against before coming up with a ‘conclusion’.

Here is a a well-balanced essay from Emeli

I am against fidget spinners because they distract people from their work and annoy teachers.  Fidget spinners can be dangerous for young children as some of the parts can come out and they can choke on them.  They easily break when dropped.  There is not enough scientific evidence that they actually help with with Additional Support Needs.  Fidget spinners are expensive and prices can very from one pound to four pounds in shops.  Prices are starting to go up since they have become more popular.  some people also feel dizzy when watching fidget spinners spin. 

However there are some good qualities to fidget spinners.  They help people who have learning needs and another good thing is that you can do cool tricks with them.  having done research in the class and through discussing arguments for and against I can conclude that they should be banned.