This Is Because (TIB) #5

Why is it important?

Fractions are regularly used in the world of work and daily life.
Decimal fractions are important for conversions in measurement and money and understanding what proportion of a whole is represented. It is also important when interpreting answers on calculators.
Percentages: used in a wide variety of contexts, many of which are used in everyday life.
The ability to interchange between a fraction, decimal fraction and percentage is a skill that allows for different ways to solve problems efficiently, including mental calculations.
How is this used in real life contexts?
Fractions – sharing a birthday cake equally amongst a group, ½ price offers, amount of fuel in car tank, following recipes with fractional amounts (1/2 cup of flour).
Decimal fractions – Used when converting currencies.
Percentages – Statistics, special offers in shops/supermarkets, test results, 25% off, 50% extra free,buy one get one free (work out where to find the best value).

This is Because (TIB) #4

Expressions and Equations
Why is it important? Understanding that numbers, and operators, can be replaced by pictures or symbols is fundamental to all algebraic thinking. Finding the unknown quantity, or operator, is an essential step in developing the ability to work with expressions and solve equations. Many problems involve a number of algebraic terms. Being able to simplify the combination of terms makes solving the problem considerably less challenging. Being able to use formulae is essential in many areas of the curriculum and supports the type of problem solving skills needed in many jobs in the modern world.
How is this used in real life contexts?
Computers were invented to solve equations over and over again instead of humans doing thecalculations.

Lost Property

FYI and also children will be taking home their P4 work and some selected work from this year so please remember plastic bags!

Primary 4

P4-7 lost property has been laid out in the senior open area.  Please feel free to pop in in the morning to have a look.  We will give the children an opportunity  to look through it in the morning and then it will be bagged for the charity shop before lunchtime tomorrow.  None of the items are named.

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