Well done to Alex to received this week’s Star of the Week for being a good role model throughout various aspects in work and school. 🙂

Also, well done to all P5 who won this week’s Best Line Award!

Children who have stayed green for ten weeks received their Silver Award today (a bit late I know) so a huge congratulations to all of them. Children who have stayed green for this amount of time have clearly followed the school’s behavior policy.

Just a reminder that there will be no homework next week as it is the last week of term however ANY kind of extra numeracy and literacy work and end-of-day reflection will undoubtedly help children – YouTube (with parental control) is brilliant for learning new concepts throughout the curriculum as well as BBC Bitesize, Education Scotland & Parentzone and Education City. Children will be working towards achieving Second Level by the end of P7 so try to pick activities which say that they are suitable for 2nd Level or the English equivalent which is Key Stage Two (KS2). Most children will be working at the end stage of First Level (‘Upper’ KS1) or early stages of Second Level (‘Lower’ KS2.)