Food and Health

Second level (approximately P5 to P7)

  • Try working out a menu for the evening meal for a week, with the help of your child. Use the Eatwell plate to come up with a menu that gives variety and a balance of all the food groups.
  • Using the menu created, go shopping with your child, enlist their help to only buys items that are on the shopping list. Get them to count how many offers they spot for things that are high in fat, sugar or salt.
  • Look at foods sections for baby food/gluten free/vegetarian choices. Find out if your child can find specific foods around the shop that are for babies, gluten free or vegetarian products. Does your child know anyone who would need these foods and why won’t they eat some of the foods you have bought?
  • Experiment with the brands you buy. Select a brand below or above your preferred brand. Have some fun and do a blind taste test together with your child. See if you can detect your favourite brand. Talk about the way it is packaged and advertised, does this influence your buying choice?
  • Explore and celebrate different customs and festivals with your child. Ask them to think of the foods that they associate with significant festivals/events. Find out if they can think of other times that people have specific types of food as part of an event/celebration/ceremony.
  • Read labels, look at packing and watch adverts on television and in magazines/online. What is the purpose of a sell-by date? How much is too much salt/fat/sugar in a product? Where is this information found?

(Taken from Parentzone, Education Scotland)